Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friend! The snow is falling, carols are playing on the radio, the scent of baking apples is in the air. The boys have been sledding and soon they’ll come tramping into the house in a whoosh of frigid air and snowflakes, red-cheeked and asking for hot cocoa.  I do love this season!

Remember November

Dear friends, November has come whirling in, with a rustle of leaves in the cold wind and rain, and heavy frost painting the grassy fields silver.  A traditional brisk November! 

The End of October

Dear Friend, October is always such a fun and busy month: pumpkin patches and hay rides, apple picking, cider and “fall food”, the boys’ over-the-top excitement about their costumes for Halloween (Will is Sir William the Brave and Sam is ‘Dark’ Vader), my birthday. As Anne Shirley said in the book Anne of Green Gables: “I’m so…

Sea Turtles

Friends of mine live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Someday I hope to write to you about their beautiful story.  The other day, Donavan and Kasey posted fascinating videos of a nest of baby sea turtles who survived Irma and had just hatched on the beach in front of their home.  A few of…