July Issue of Letters From Home

Dear Friend

I hope you’re thriving despite this heat wave. The humidity and relentless high temperatures have drained all the energy out of me the last few days; it even (miraculously!) took a little out of my boys. Even so, we’ve been enjoying these high-summer days.


Family came for a visit this month and the boys made up a bucket list of things to do with Grandpa and Grandma on their visit and we accomplished almost everything on the list! (I think Grandpa and Grandma were worn out by the end—I certainly was!) Blueberry picking, boating, visiting parks, going out for ice cream, mini-golfing, going to three beaches by Lake Michigan, going out for ice cream, going to the fair, laughing, playing games, making ice cream, spending time together. Time is one of the most precious commodities we possess, and one of the most easily wasted. Our family lives far and wide, so moments we have together are especially precious.

The boys have been entertaining as usual. I wrote a few months ago about Sticks. Will and Sam are continuing to do well earning golden sticks by completing their list of daily chores. We’ve upped the ante a little and included caring for the cat by feeding her (Sam) and cleaning her litter box (Will). I was amazed at how eagerly the boys took on this new responsibility. The other day Sam came to me a bit forlorn: “Mommy, I wish I could clean out the litter box.” To which Will whined: “Noooo Sam, that’s MY job!”

I never, EVER, expected my children to fight over who got to clean out the litter box. Who HAD to do it, yes, but who got the privilege? I’m still scratching my head over that one!

Below are links to this month’s issue of Letters From Home. I’m always happy to hear from readers, so post a comment in the comment section if you like. There has been so much pain in the world lately. I’ve been pondering the need for kindness and how that looks on the faces and in the actions of those who desire change in the world. As always, I hope you find Jesus in these words. I hope that you’re reminded that, in spite of the violence and hatred closing in, there is hope. This is not our home.




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