September Issue

Dear Friends, The mornings are growing cooler and the days are shortening. Fall is around the corner–hip hip hooray! I’ve been thinking quite a bit about change lately

Kindergarten and Ripping Off the Band-Aid

William, my oldest, started Kindergarten a couple weeks ago. Watching my son step bravely onto that big yellow bus and wave to me from the window, I felt Change coming. I have heard other mothers talk about how hard it was to see their kids go to school, but I wasn’t prepared for the ocean…



I have a spot in my house. It’s my “thinking spot.” At one end of my couch I can sit with my coffee and look out the windows onto the deck and watch the hummingbirds chasing one another around red geraniums,

South African Melktert

My husband is South African and when I married him, I married his family and his history too.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed is the different recipes I’ve gained from his mom.  I tried one of the family favorites today; Melktert, or Milk Tart, is a custard pie. Often this is made with a…

Poetry For September

I love this time of the year, summer is still holding on but autumn is descending with cooler temperatures and blessedly less humidity. (I will NOT miss the humidity of summer.)