I Did It!

I love watching little DIY videos on Facebook—the 30-second-long crafts or recipes that always look amazing and that I’m certain will look anything BUT amazing when I get around to trying them. But for once, I actually did it. And it worked! 

South African Melktert

My husband is South African and when I married him, I married his family and his history too.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed is the different recipes I’ve gained from his mom.  I tried one of the family favorites today; Melktert, or Milk Tart, is a custard pie. Often this is made with a…

Raspberry-Blueberry Scones

This lovely recipe is one I picked up a few years ago from the Gingercreek Cooking School. I pull it out from time to time when I have guests–it’s easy and especially good when you have a spare pint of fresh-picked berries in your refrigerator!