A New September

Dear friends,

It has been a year since I last wrote in this blog! It has been a year of loss and change, excitement and discovery…and writer’s block.


Motherhood Identity Crisis?

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. That is my tag-line on Facebook. It’s not especially clever, but it’s accurate. It tells the story in a nutshell…or at least part of it.  I’ve read a couple articles recently about “finding yourself” as a woman, about not losing your identity after kids.   My identity?  When did that…

Sea Turtles

Friends of mine live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Someday I hope to write to you about their beautiful story.  The other day, Donavan and Kasey posted fascinating videos of a nest of baby sea turtles who survived Irma and had just hatched on the beach in front of their home.  A few of…

Uncommon Farewell

This last summer we said good-bye (for now) to my beautiful, 97-year-old grandmother, Lillian.  She was a bright, spirited, fiercely independent lover of Jesus. Her life was a tapestry of God’s grace woven through the ordinary everyday of one who chose to live a life of service to Christ. Grandma’s parents were song evangelists in…