Snow Day!

Dear Friend, Today is February 9th, and we are slowly being buried alive under a thick white veil of snow. No, really.  It hasn’t stopped snowing in hours and it isn’t supposed to stop any time soon. This is not a cry for help, however, because this is glorious!  The boys are home and so…

I Did It!

I love watching little DIY videos on Facebook—the 30-second-long crafts or recipes that always look amazing and that I’m certain will look anything BUT amazing when I get around to trying them. But for once, I actually did it. And it worked! 

Thankful Boy-Hearts

We’re preparing for Thanksgiving around our house, as many Americans are doing this week.  This year the boys have really taken Thanksgiving to heart and we’ve had several interesting conversations with them. Their thoughts have been surprisingly insightful. I thought I’d share a little of what they had to say.

Motherhood Identity Crisis?

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend. That is my tag-line on Facebook. It’s not especially clever, but it’s accurate. It tells the story in a nutshell…or at least part of it.  I’ve read a couple articles recently about “finding yourself” as a woman, about not losing your identity after kids.   My identity?  When did that…


“Are you ever so excited you can’t close your eyes at night when you go to sleep?” I overheard Will ask one of his friends this question. He was rhapsodizing about the upcoming pizza and bowling party after church on Sunday. He had worked hard for the privilege of going to the party and he…