June Issue

It’s the last day of the month and I’m still wondering where the first week went! It’s been busy around our house with swimming lessons and strawberry picking and family visits and tree-fort construction. The weather has been fine—if a little cool—in our part of the world. I’m sitting on my deck as I write, listening to the birds and the frogs, a hummingbird is zipping merrily around my geraniums and feeder. All in all a perfect summer day! I think about that song from the 60s, “If I could catch time in a bottle”…this is one of those days I wish I could capture in a bottle.

The June issue is posted below, full of stories and berries and a lesson or two I am learning along the way. I hope you enjoy!




Untitled (A Poem of Praise)

Soul Rest

O Ye Jigs and Juleps

Strawberries 101


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