Remember November

Dear friends,

November has come whirling in, with a rustle of leaves in the cold wind and rain, and heavy frost painting the grassy fields silver.  A traditional brisk November!  This month tends to get tromped on by Christmas fever. I am always excited about Christmas, but I still love November and the finale of Autumn.

The leaves have begun to fall in earnest now, which means piles for the boys to jump in. Bonfires warm little hands and we prepare for winter’s arrival. Soup and hot chocolate are on the regular menu and indoor activities become more and more attractive.

In this issue of Letters From Home, I’ll share with you one of my favorite soup recipes–perfect for a chilly autumn evening.  I’ll also share with you some thoughts on generosity and on thankfulness.  I hope and pray that this Thanksgiving season does not pass you by without you taking a few moments to consider all that God has given you today, in this moment.

Blessings to you and your family,




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