Culture Wars Within

In spite of the saturation of Jesus culture in America, we are as lost as anyone. And until we come to the realization of that truth, we will continue turning a blind eye to the reality of eternity, focused on our own little gods and trying to make this world our home.

Inside Out Harmony

God knows us intimately; we cannot pretend in His presence. His work in our hearts is sometimes painful and requires sacrifice. Sacrifice of our personal agendas and plans, sacrifice of our preferences, sacrifice of our comfort zone.


Dear Friend, I love January.  I love the newness—the feeling of a fresh sheet of paper not yet marked, the anticipation of what might be written on the page of this year.

O Holy Night

This weekend my seven-year-old asked “What are the American Christmas Carols?”  My husband, Justin, and I looked at each other. “Um…?” was the best answer we could come up with.

Thankful Boy-Hearts

We’re preparing for Thanksgiving around our house, as many Americans are doing this week.  This year the boys have really taken Thanksgiving to heart and we’ve had several interesting conversations with them. Their thoughts have been surprisingly insightful. I thought I’d share a little of what they had to say.

Sea Turtles

Friends of mine live on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Someday I hope to write to you about their beautiful story.  The other day, Donavan and Kasey posted fascinating videos of a nest of baby sea turtles who survived Irma and had just hatched on the beach in front of their home.  A few of…